The Edge of the Well Oiled Knife

Toronto Star

This country stands at the edge of a knife. It’s not Robocalls, scandals, wealth redistribution, poverty, lack of employment or corrupt banks that will push this nation across the line into throwing their bodies on the machine. Nobody is willing to die for any of those causes.

We stand at the brink of civil war. A civil war with huge governmental resources on one side and First Nations, environmentalists and a large percentage of the Canadian population on the other.

Harper has managed to do what even Matthew Coon Come couldn’t do. He has managed to sufficiently piss off every single Aboriginal nation into cleaving together as one huge resistance movement. He’s managed to pull on board, every environmental group into a unit that Canadians are not denouncing, but applauding.

People are willing to die for this. And they’re willing to die because the lack of water, oil spills and pollution are going to kill them soon, anyway. For what? Less than 600 full time jobs and a few thousand temp jobs? “Job creation” isn’t even a valid argument in a land this size with that pitiful showing.

Make no mistake. If Harper does not back down, when the dust clears—there won’t be a nation left for him to rule because Canadians are not letting this pipeline through. Even Obama saw the risk of civil war breaking out with First Nations and environmentalists in the USA.

“S/he who cares the most, wins.”

First Nations have everything to lose and nothing to gain from this pipeline. Harper has nothing to lose except the government he’s sworn to uphold and a sassy fat new job at Enron when through his deliberate, greedy machinations, he throws this country into a civil war.

Let’s Give Harper a Break–Literally


I say we give Harper a break of “innocent until proven guilty.” Yeah, yeah pick yourselves up off the floor, stop gasping for air and let’s look at this with some logic over the Robocalls scandal, shall we?
Now, what happens if you are suspected of an illegal act on your job?
Your boss suspends you until the investigation is completed.

Now, the citizens of Canada are Stephen Harper’s boss, which is what democracy is supposed to be, right? In that case, we should be able to suspend him without pay until the investigation is completed. If he’s innocent, we apologize [because Canadians are so good at it] and give him his back pay with a settlement. If found guilty–out he goes, forever, hopefully to spend part of his “forever” behind bars so other politicians won’t be tempted to play the same game.

If Harper really cared about Robocalls or the country he’s attempting to govern, he’d step down for the moment. Why? Because if the charges didn’t stick, the man would be truly Teflon, forever. Nobody would believe any opposition who said otherwise.

Too bad he’s not as smart as he thinks he is or he’d play us for suckers on it. Either that or he may well be guilty of knowing exactly what went on under his banner. Or it could be any combination of circumstances.

But whatever it is, it sure smells like he doesn’t want us to know about it.