Why Pit Bull Lovers Piss Me Off

Not mean, just badly handled.

I fostered and trained dogs at a shelter 20-odd years ago when over 60%+ of the dogs there were pit bulls. Almost all were dumped there because the owners couldn’t handle their rambunctious behaviour. There were tons of dead pit bulls every year. We were up to our eyeballs in dead and miserable pit bulls.

The staff there continuously lied to potential adopters by calling them “Staffordshire Terriers” desperately trying to place them in permanent homes and clear out space for more dogs.

When you have to bullshit potential dog owners, something is seriously wrong.

You don’t have to bullshit a potential owner about a  hyper Labrador, a nervous spaniel, a stubborn rottweiler, a deaf dalmatian, a crazy Jack Russell, a wheezing pug or even a huge wolfhound. The future owners generally have a basic idea of what the dog is about and potential problems.

Last time I was at the same shelter, there was only one dog that might have been a pit bull mix.

How did that happen?

Breed specific legislation. It is no longer legal to breed or buy pit bulls.

If I hear one more time that it’s “discrimination” I will vomit on the person that says it.


As a minority person, I find it doubly insulting.

Humans bred these dogs specifically to be handled by humans and kill other dogs. Stop telling me it’s only about how they’re trained. For over a century they have been bred as fighting and yard dogs. To control that urge–you have to overdrive it’s natural instincts. That’s just not feasible for the majority of dog owners.

Nobody would buy that bullshit for an instant about a Jack Russell terrier in pursuit of rat, or a Husky teaming up with another dog zooming around the park, a working cattle dog attempting to herd the children, a GSD in full prey drive chasing a squirrel or even my last old girl 1/2 border collie that herded hockey players from the arena to the parking lot. Does every dog of these breeds exhibit the instinctive behaviour? No. But enough of them do that we aren’t surprised when it happens.

We’d say, “That’s what humans bred them to do..”

So why should anyone buy the story that pit bulls, bred specifically to kill other dogs, are not dangerous?

Yes there are a few pit bull therapy dogs. There’s also buckets more Shelties doing the same job. And far fewer Shelties are dying in shelters.

Frankly, I’m not wowed by videos and photos of pit bulls slurping stranger’s faces and even less wowed by seeing videos of them jumping all over people and snuggling in laps.

That’s not acceptable social behaviour in any large dog and especially not in a huge, powerful molaser breed that can easily knock over children and older people. The fact that pit bull owners seem to think such behaviour is not only unacceptable but “loving” shows a serious misunderstanding of canine behaviour.

Anyone who has been following this blog knows that one of the two dogs I’ve seen out of 70+ dogs that might pass a basic obedience trial was off lead heeling, yes–a pit bull. However, as the survey shows–owners that dedicated are quite literally, TWO IN SEVENTY out of all breeds, never mind pit bulls.

Most of these same pit bull lovers were nowhere to be found in Ontario 10 years before BSL screaming for spaying and neutering and training lessons to get these dogs under control. As a group, pit bull lovers were not demanding that pit bulls  pass a basic “good canine test”  before being licensed because *gasp* that was “discrimination”. Nor were they taking home those 60% of abandoned pit bulls in the shelters.

They weren’t out demanding the breeders stop breeding them because 9/10 were being dumped. What were they doing? Buying new puppies and keeping the cash train for breeders rocketing down the tracks.

Dog Bites Dropped in 5 Years Due to BSL.

Yes, I’m well aware that GSD’s bite humans more often than pit bulls do.  There’s also a helluva lot more of them in circulation.  Out of seventy dogs I surveyed so far, at least ten percent of them were German Shepherds or GSD mixes. That’s not a lot of consolation to the elderly lady down the street whose beloved poodle was murdered by a pit bull. The amount of dogs attacked by other dogs when both are off leash is not generally not counted because both owners are considered at fault.

Yes, I’m well aware of the public perception of pit bulls and how overblown it is. The nonsense that it is some kind of “witch hunt” is just that–nonsense. It’s about dogs–the breeding of which humans control, not religious freedom.

Due to the BSL there are far fewer pit bulls euthanized due to spay and neuter and lack of availability.

Yes, people like Cesar Milan can do wonders with a pit bull. Most dog owners don’t have 1% of his experience. I have a neighbour with a beautifully behaved pit bull that he knows full well is not always stable with other dogs. He walks her wearing a muzzle in case anything goes south, such as the leash or collar breaking.

Even with a muzzle law in place–most fools are walking around with NO muzzles on their pit bulls. If they really cared about the dogs as a breed they’d be complying with that law. Why? To prove the majority of pit bull owners are serious about obeying the law when it comes to their pit bull.

So far, I haven’t seen any evidence that most comply with that basic law so why would I, or anyone else in the general public, take the majority of pit bull lovers, seriously? Cap it off, if it bites at all the pit bull is dead. If it is not muzzled it can be removed from the owner’s care. Yet the owners still don’t muzzle them. Yup that’s breed love alright.

For more on how pitbull lovers are destroying the breed, Terrierman made perfect sense in a number of articles.

If there was BSL over huskies tomorrow I’d be fighting it, but if it passed and all I had to do was muzzle the Drama Prince while I fought back, I’d be slapping a party hat on his face faster than you can say, “Iditarod.” And damn skippy I’d be confronting other husky owners who didn’t.

Greyhound lovers know full well they can never let their dog off lead in an unfenced area. I’ve never met one so cocky and stupid as to take the risk. Yet pit bull owners take similar risks by refusing to muzzle their dogs, far too often.

Please, just stop with the bullshit that “it’s not a breed”. Alaskan huskies are not a registered breed. They are considered such because they are bred to do a certain job aka run like maniacs. That MAKES them “a breed”–not some kennel club lookalike contest. They don’t all look quite the same. The same holds true for pit bulls.

Now I’m really going to piss off pit bull lovers.

I honestly want pit bull lovers to think about this.

My disgust at the reasons for supporting pit bulls is related to my disgust with breeders who breed dogs not for their ability to work–but how they look.

There is no reason to have a pit bull for a companion dog. None. There is nothing a pit bull can do that another breed or even a mutt cannot do just as well and sometimes better-except fight.

So the real reason people want pit bulls is for their looks.

It’s the same unjustifiable reason to breed or buy as it is for the genetically sick mutants bred by unscrupulous dog breeders that  breed dogs for looks rather than purpose.

BSL means there are fewer dead pit bulls. There are fewer pit bulls in Ontario shelters taking up space.

I don’t want to see the law repealed.

I don’t want to walk into a shelter a year or two after the repeal and see 60% of the cages used up by pit bulls knowing that for every one in there, at least five, died.

And knowing other dogs died because there was lack of space to take them in.

So if you claim to love pit bulls, explain to me logically how fewer dead dogs is a “bad thing”?


  • Dogs Observed: 5
  • Walking Nicely on Leash: 1
  • Heeling Off Leash: 0
  • Recall: 0
  • Good Companion: 0
  • Basic Obedience: 0

4 thoughts on “Why Pit Bull Lovers Piss Me Off

  1. Just curious what your thoughts would be on this: So if I rescue a dog and that dog has pit mixed in them (and most shelters are not carrying purebreeds, they are mixes) I am propagating the vicious cycle of pit bull owning and, therefore, dog aggression? And, as you mentioned, pit bulls are chosen by their owners because I enjoy the way they look?
    Is your opinion on pit bulls applied to pure bred pits? Or any dog with a pit mix?
    I don’t mind breeding legislation per say, the pit bull is unfortunately a breed that has been corrupted by humans. Too much crazy and inappropriate breeding has undeniably caused a strain of aggression apparent in certain pits. But to say that all owners are essentially people who approve of dog fights and bites seems a little much.

    • Thank you for the response and questions, pumpernickle.

      If you are choosing a pit bull mix from a shelter [which is always N/S} because you like the personality or that specific dog and are prepared to deal with the possible outcomes, I don’t have a problem with that. As I said in the blog–I know several and I like them. Both were rescues and I’m extremely pro-rescue.

      Nor are you contributing to the money train that encourages breeders to breed more of them if you rescue a shelter dog.

      I even liked working with many of them years ago.

      Please point out to me where I said “All pit bull owners approve of dog bites/fights.”

      What I AM saying about the majority of pit bull supporters is that they have not, by their actions in not muzzling and complying to the law–proved to me that they are serious about getting this law revoked.

      Pit bulls have not been “corrupted into fighting” by breeding. They were *created* by breeding to fight.

      All dog breeds are created by humans. I have the same problem [as I mentioned] about dogs bred for looks rather than working characteristics by CKC breeders, I just haven’t written about it yet.

      What I do not want to see and that will surely occur if this legislation is revoked–is shelters full of pit bulls. IMO, that’s not “love”.

    • Thanks for your comment Reggie. Sorry it took so long to get back to you, the spam filter grabbed your comment.

      In what way does demanding that pitbulls be spayed/neutered and muzzled in public punish “responsible” owners?

      IMO if they WERE “responsible owners” [as a group, not individuals] they would be spaying and neutering already and the problem wouldn’t have occurred in the first place.

      The muzzles? Well the amount of people I see *dragged* by pitbulls [and they are by far not the only owners guilty of this] down the street with the dog on a harness or a misused collar while it’s lunging is truly frightening.

      I’d like to see the Ontario BSL *slowly* repealed as people get on board with responsible ownership. That’s already started. However selling any big, guarding dog as being “cuddly” does them a disservice, IMO. Pitbulls are serious dogs, and I’d like to see them handled by serious people. And yes, some pitbull owners are good with them, no question. But far too many STILL can’t manage any big dog, never mind one as risky as a pit bull.

      The fact is, now the shelter space is less utilized by pitbulls. I know some rescues who still have some available, law or no law. However, they’re pretty fussy as to permanent homes for them.

      The problem for the pitbulls wasn’t the pitbulls. It was the irresponsible breeding and selling of them for low prices to any and all comers. Mainly people who went for “looks” and didn’t have the foggiest how to raise or train one. Now that it’s illegal to sell one or have on unmuzzled, the popularity has dropped making it not very profitable to breed them.

      Which IMO, is a main winning point of BSL.

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