“I’m On A Mission From Dog–Dog Survey Part II”


Total Dogs: 14

One Jack Russel, 4 years old was always walked off lead.  He was bought from a pet shop and lived two years with the owner’s parents. When her father died, she took the dog and began training it at 2 years of age.
Owners claimed it stayed close and came when called. However, when I let the Drama Prince off lead, the JR did not return when called. Nor did he later when the DP was on a quiet “down”.

I did interview the owners because it was one of the better Jack Russels I’ve seen around.
The female owner told me he was quite good after he’d had his daily exercise but hard to train before he’d been running his energy off. She said she trained him using Cesar Milan’s methods and had read “Jack Russels for Dummies” to learn about the breed. No training classes for any dogs in her life.

One was a service dog that did all basic obedience and balance work. The owner was a retired dog trainer that trained her own dog. I couldn’t stop her from giving advice long enough to ask her pertinent questions.

  • Dogs Observed 14
  • Dogs Not Pulling On Lead: 1
  • Dogs Walking Off Lead: 3
  • Dogs That Recall: 2

Good Companion Dogs
: {walk nicely on lead, recall, no aggression, basic dog manners such as no jumping up without permission, housebroken etc.}: 2
Basic Obedience Dogs: 1

Honestly? I’m finding much of the dog’s lack of basic socially acceptable behaviour disheartening. I’m at  39 dogs in two days and only 3 could pass a simple “Good Canine Test.”

When I’ve found 100 dogs I will post the resulting percentages.

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